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Lack of time and knowledge are some of the hindrances to most people doing oriental rugs cleaning. Of the two, having the skills is quite important in caring for this expensive product that is commonly made of silk as well as wool.

As professionals, we make sure that dyes don’t bleed. This could happen if you undertake the cleanup job yourself.

Our experts are skilled in identifying the type of material that your rug is made from. Not only that, they understand how they are made and how they are dyed with organic plant-based ink. This knowledge can be the difference between damaging and restoring your product.

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If your rug cost thousands of hard-earned dollars to purchase, you should only trust a professional cleaner with it. In addition, you need a company that has many years of experience, and has insurance just in case your product is damaged and needs replacement. We have all these qualities and many more to do rug cleaning. You definitely can feel safe hiring us for area rugs cleaning. We will extract the dirt and dust that discolors this material and return it to its glory days.

Cleaning Persian rugs is a natural skill for us. Using our knowledge, we will clean and restore your floor covering. This is your goal for a better and well decorated home. We are experienced and consider ourselves experts. We take extreme caution to protect this valuable part of your family furnishings. This is important if it was inherited from your great grandmother. Even though we know how to proceed, we will look at the label underneath that gives care instructions for Rug Cleaning.

We don’t expose your priced product to harsh chemicals and will not dip it in water along others. Instead, we use hot water extraction methods using our rug steam cleaner. This way, only a small amount of moisture ever touches the fibers. This method is helpful in maintaining the integrity of the product as well as the deep colors that gives it its beauty.